Call for Paper: Blockchain and the gaming sector (deadline 31st of October 2019)


The goals of this research are to explore...

I. the current strategies to store and secure learning achievements, in particular the access status of potential manipulative interventions especially from within the security system;

II. the effectiveness and limitations of 'off-blockchain’ strategies in face of an increasing demand for globalized learning credit systems and the parallel demand for increased data security and privacy; 

III. the critical evaluation of existing and potential strategies which already make use of blockchain technologies through the identification and further improvement of good-practice examples and development of novel prototypical concepts in cooperation with the experts of the host institution through state-of-the-art concepts and technologies. 

leading to the main research question:

IV. what are the requirements to make blockchain-based systems for storing and managing data accessible for developers of digital learning environments, and game-based or gamified learning environments in particular?