In summer 2019 a focus group sessions with educators and developers from Austria, Italy, Luxemburg and Croatia has been held, a discussion of the current state-of-the art regarding blockchain in education.

2019 three surveys have been conducted. The main survey deals with the blockchain in education, the two secondary surveys are used in the iteration steps of the two prototypes (game and e-learning environment). 

In addition, discussions with experts have begun. 

In 2020, the surveys were reopened to collect further up-to-date data material and further expert discussions and focus groups were held. 

In the second half of 2020, the focus will then be on identity management. 

You find the main first survey here: 

Iteration 2 of the Game Gallery Defender Survey :  (play the game here:

Iteration 2 of the Gallery Defender Quiz Survey : (take the quiz here:

The next data collection will be end of may 2020. Please share the link on social media.